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The history of ousuca began in 2016. Since then, more than 250 articles have been published to support adventurers in their outdoor adventures.

WHY ousuca?

What distinguishes ousuca from other outdoor platforms?

Authenticity and real values

ousuca is not based on a spongy ground but on a stable foundation of practical and real experiences:
Like a bird that doesn’t rely on the safety of the branch, but on its wings, which carry it wherever it wants.
Be as free as a bird!


Passion arises when you do not adapt to change, but when you bring about change yourself.
Be the change and live your passion!

Do important things, we will support you

Do things that fill you with passion. Do important things!


Mike Lippoldt: Author, Blogger, Entrepreneur
Mike Lippoldt: Author, Blogger, Entrepreneur

Mike Lippoldt is a blogger, author, entrepreneur and founder of the outdoor platform ousuca.

In his early twenties, Mike and a friend spent 8 months in Europe with little or no resources. Back in Germany, after a few more trips (mainly to Spain and a short trip to Egypt) he travelled through India for several months.

For the first few weeks he was alone there. Halfway along the way a friend from Germany joined him. By train they drove together to Calcutta and after a few days stay further to Varanasi. There they learned that they could continue their journey to Nepal from here without great difficulty.

Finally, they obtained visas for Nepal. Afterwards they went by bus across northern India to Kathmandu. There they had the idea to trek to the base camp of the Mount Everest expeditions – which they did.

For two weeks they were travelling in the Himalayas .

After the India-Nepal trip, Mike Lippoldt undertook numerous other trips.

In 2002 Mike finally turned his back on Germany and emigrated to Spain by bike. He wrote a book about it (german).

⇒ Learn more about Mike Lippoldt here (german).


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You want to write for ousuca?


You have long felt at home in the outdoor world and through many lived adventures have acquired a certain expert knowledge that you would like to share with the world in the form of informative articles?
ousuca is growing and looking forward to support.


  • You write about your own experiences.
  • You master the basics of content creation.
  • You stand with name and face behind your texts..

If everything fits, you will have the opportunity to further consolidate your expert status here at ousuca.com and make your blog better known.
Please send an e-mail to [email protected] and we will talk about the conditions and your advantages.

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