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ousuca.com – The platform for adventurers who love outdoor life.

ousuca is a platform for all those who like adventure. Here you will find information, tips and equipment that will help you plan and conduct your outdoor adventures.


TREKKING is a word that derives from the English word TREK and means difficult walking.

What are the requirements necessary for trekking?

If you are a healthy person and have an adequate physical condition you are suitable for trekking. So if you like nature and exercise in the countryside, you are perfectly conditioned for this activity.

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Whether you are new to The World of Camping or do this activity frequently, on ousuca you will find all the necessary information to plan and conduct your camping activities.

Within the camping section, we differentiate between camping with a tent or camping in a caravan.

Whatever your preference, you will find useful tips based on experience in the two types of camping, they will help you get more out of your adventure in nature.


Survival is the art of surviving in unfavorable or hostile circumstances. We distinguish between Urban Survival and Survival in Nature or Bushcraft as it is known.

Survival is not something which is only reserved for adventurers, but anyone can progressively enter this world by following our advice based on experience.

On this page you will find all the information necessary to develop this activity, whether you are an experienced person or want to start in this interesting world.


In the Water Sports Section you will find information on equipment, various comparisons of the best products of each category as well as some articles on experiences in these fields.


As we care about your opinion, at ousuca we want to maintain a relationship with our clients to hear about their experiences and opinions, as well as from specialists and professionals who want to contribute their expert knowledge.

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